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GATE EXAM CRITERIA: ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY:1.CANDIDATE IN FINAL OR PRE-FINAL YEAR OF ENGINEERING (EVENTHOGH HAVE LIVE KT OR DROP IN ENGINEERING CAN ALSO APPLY.) 2.GRADUATE OR POST GRADUATE IN ENGINEERING AGE LIMIT: NO AGE LIMIT SECTION :General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics,Instrumentation Engineering section NEGATIVE MARKING :Yes TOPICS :Engineering Mathematics,Electricity and Magnetism,Electrical Circuits and Machines,Signals and Systems,Control Systems,Analog Electronics,Digital Electronics,Measurements,Sensors and Industrial Instrumentation,Communication and Optical Instrumentation For downloading click on desired paper then click on print button to get PDF copy


HI, It is my immense pleasure to share with you all different innovative teaching tools. These amazing tools will definitely help u all . I tried them all it was a awesome experience to use it .Im sure you all will enjoy it . SR.NO TOPIC TOOLS 1  Teacher Engages Learners In Six Learning Types Acquisition (Or Reading, Watching Or Listening)Discussion Inquiry Or Investigation Practice Collaboration Production   2   Virtual Learning Environments   Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace   3 Website/Blog Platform WordPress,Blogger   4 Getting Creative: Images For Teaching… Read more LIST OF AMAZING TEACHING TOOLS

Nuclear Instrumentation

Dear Students, Happy to share topic wise notes for Nuclear Instrumentation CH0 INTRODUCTION CH1 RADIATION CH2 RADIATION DETECTOR CH3 ELECTRONIC AND COUNTING SYSTEM CHAPTER 01,02 AND 03 FOR TERM TEST-1 ALSO REFER UNIVERSITY QUESTION PAPERS ALL THE BEST FOR EXAM   CH5 APPLICATION IN MEDICINE CH6 APPLICATION IN INDUSTRY  Quiz QUIZ 1 QUIZ 2 solve quiz 1 and quiz 2 till 24/02/2020. QUIZ 3 QUIZ 4 solve quiz 3 and quiz 4 till 31/03/2020. Note: Date of accepting Quiz link response will be inform in the class time to time At… Read more Nuclear Instrumentation

Lab-View interaction Activity Day-1 NPTEL

NPTEL-This video link for Industrial Automation Reflection Question: Time:10.20 Q1.Can we use Thermometer for automated monitoring and control.   LbD Question: Q1.Temperature measurement for __________________ and control A.monitor B.Display monitoring is important activity in case of temperature sensor. ANS: OptionA Q2.  following one statement about RTD is true: A.RTD is a linear device B.RTD is linear and high temperature range C.RTD is non-linear device D.RTD is non-linear and highly accurate device ANS:OptionA As temperature increases it resistance increase.