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Category: education

Interactive Classroom Teaching Learning

Hi everyone, In the era of outcome based education it is essential to use appropriate tools for teaching and perfect gaming pedagogy. Here I love to share my few videos related to it hope you all like . kindly like subscribe my you tube channel Lets Learn with Deepti and not forget to to give constructive comments .I will be happy to improve. Google Classroom Integration with BookWidgets Gaming Pedagogy:Snake and Ladder Gaming Pedagogy: Puzzle  Topic: Interactive Classroom with classroomscreen Topic :How to create WORDPRESS Website for Beginner Kindly follow… Read more Interactive Classroom Teaching Learning

Power Plant Instrumentation

Dear Students, Happy to share Power Plant Instrumentation introductory Lecture on  my  YouTube channel. link is as follows Introduction:Power Plant Instrumentation After watching Introductory lecture kindly check with topic wise notes. CH1 ENERGY RESOURCES CH2 THERMAL POWER PLANT CH3 HYDRO POWER PLANT CH4 BIOGAS POWER PLANT CH5 GEOTHERMAL ENERGY CH6 TIDAL ENERGY Dear Students, chapter … Continue reading Power Plant Instrumentation

Lab-View interaction Activity Day-1 NPTEL

NPTEL-This video link for Industrial Automation Reflection Question: Time:10.20 Q1.Can we use Thermometer for automated monitoring and control.   LbD Question: Q1.Temperature measurement for __________________ and control A.monitor B.Display monitoring is important activity in case of temperature sensor. ANS: OptionA Q2.  following one statement about RTD is true: A.RTD is a linear device B.RTD is linear and high temperature range C.RTD is non-linear device D.RTD is non-linear and highly accurate device ANS:OptionA As temperature increases it resistance increase.